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You may have found your wedding dress, and now it’s time to find wedding accessories that will perfectly complement your gorgeous gown. No matter which bridal accessories you choose from our extensive selection, your bridal shopping experience continues as you effortlessly add the final touch to your overall look.


Our wedding veils come in a variety of lengths, so whether you have your heart set on a stunning short veil or a dramatic cathedral veil, you’ll find one you love here at Romancia. Our range of wedding dress accessories are sure to make a sophisticated statement on your special day. 

Decorative combs and hairpins

Hair combs and pins are a fabulous addition to any desired look, amazing when worn with a veil, nestled in an up-do or worn with loose flowing curls. If  you're looking for a striking finishing touch,  a dainty accent,  or an accessory 'tie-in' to compliment a gown, hair combs and hair pins are a fabulous choice of accessory that delicately decorate any hairstyle. Hair combs & pins make a perfect addition to any chosen hairstyle and can also be used to keep an undo in place whilst adding a touch of glamour.


Traditional or modern tiara's are arguably still the leading choice of head dress. With designs that can be worn with a range of long or short 'down styles', through to an elaborate or loose and simple 'up do', tiara's can be as extravagent or simple as you need.

When choosing a Tiara to match your wedding dress or theme, its a good idea to arrange a trial run with your chosen hairdresser prior to your wedding day, ensuring that you allow plenty of time to consider alternative options should you need to make any changes to your hairstyle.


Hairstyle and choice of headdress can really help set the tone and establish the style of any wedding.

Similarly to other bridal wear, tiaras, vines, combs and pins, can look very different in a display cabinet or image and often need to be worn to appreciate how beautiful they look.

Bridal Belts

Personalise your wedding gown with a bit of shimmer by adding a bridal belt. Not only will this eye-catching accessory complete your bridal look, it will draw attention to your cinched-in waist. A bridal belt is perfect if you want to incorporate minimal detail into your gown.

Hair Vines Florals, & Side sprays

Frame the face and can be worn in countless ways within long and short hairstyles alike. Offering versatility, hair vines and side sprays can be used within your hair style to compliment a wedding venue or wedding theme to perfection. Shaping your hair vine piece or spray around an elegant up-do, across the head, or setting it off to one side offers a bride-to-be a choice of hairstyle options and is often chosen as the safe option when a hairstyle is still undecided at time of purchase. 

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